Living the CF life many times also means you are living a Hospital life. So many Cystic Fibrosis patients spend weeks at a time confined to a hospital. While to the outside world, each stay can seem less and less worth the trip for a visit, to someone with CF, your visit means the world.

Here are some great ideas of things you can bring with you if you’d like to give a few goodies to the inpatient CFer. Comment with any other ideas and I’ll add them to the list!

For the Patient:

  1. Books
  2. Puzzles
  3. Movies
  4. Coloring Books (great for any age!)
  5. Journal
  6. Lego Kits
  7. Craft Kits
  8. Art Supplies
  9. Jewelry Kits
  10. Magnetic Darts or Over the Door Basketball
  11. Play Doh or Clay
  12. Fuzzy Socks
  13. Lip Balm
  14. Crossword or Word Search Puzzles
  15. Extra Soft Blanket


For the Parent:

  1. Restaurant Gift Cards
  2. Snack Food
  3. Tolietries
  4. Drinks (5 HR Energy, Soda, Juice, etc)
  5. Good Lotion
  6. Gas Cards
  7. Walmart Gift Cards
  8. Visa Gift Card
  9. Coffee/Tea, or Coffee Gift Cards
  10. Magazines & Books
  11. Amazon Gift Card

Thinks you can offer to do for the family:

  1. Mow their lawn
  2. Watch the non hospitalized kids, pick them up from school, or take them to the park.
  3. Get their mail
  4. Feed or Walk pets
  5. Make them dinner for the night they are expected home.
  6. Take trash to the road
  7. Water Plants
  8. Clean their home or pay for a cleaning service
  9. Stay at the hospital for a period while the parents get out and shower, eat, relax!
  10. Shovel their driveway during winter months.
  11. Take them on a walk around the hosptial

Keep in mind that many with CF are frequently inpatient so they may have an arsenal of stuff they already pack. If you are wanting to surprise them with goodies keep them easy to pack and fun! Don’t hesitate to ask what would help them the most, so many that deal with these stays don’t want to be a bother. Ask them for their favorite snacks, or drinks! Be a bother, and visit as much as possible. Company is the best gift you can give!