They’ve started Phase 3!

They’ve started Phase 3!

Kitty has the most common mutation of CF, Double Delta F508. If you’ve been following our blog then you know that we’ve been following an on going study that deals with this mutation! Well they just announced that they are moving into phase 3!

What can this mean for Kitty:

Within the next 5 years it doesn’t really mean that much as our doctor told us that most of these studies do their testing on older children/adults. And when they do release it for public use it will more than likely be fore 6 years + then later move to younger children. He thinks they have about 2 more years before they release it for public trying, and at that point Kitty will only be 3. But if we keep up what we’re doing, and she keeps doing as good as she is doing then he doesn’t see any future problems with her having to wait a little bit. Which sounds good to me!

Here is the article for you to read: