What to bring to someone in the Hospital

Living the CF life many times also means you are living a Hospital life. So many Cystic Fibrosis patients spend weeks at a time confined to a hospital. While to the outside world, each stay can seem less and less worth the trip for a visit, to someone with CF, your visit means the world. […]

Updated Research for CF Drugs

I know it’s been a while since I’ve shared some new information that has been in the Drug Pipeline for CF. This first one isn’t for Little Miss Khaos (her mutation is DDF508) but it is great news for those that use Kalydeco! You can learn more about all of the drugs going through studies […]

Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Facts

Here is a list of Cystic Fibrosis Facts that you can use in raising awareness. I will continue to add facts as I discover more, if you have any suggestions feel free to comment below and I will add it! You can see the facts below in a sharable format on our Facebook page. Sharable […]

What’s in a Mask?

Last week the CF Foundation released a statements to all clinics letting everyone know their official stance on a popular mask. The Vogmask. Many were left confused and annoyed because these adorable masks have made getting the angstiest of children to wear them with ease.

Pick the Perfect Team Name

The hardest part for us when we decided to start our Great Strides team was picking a team name. I wanted to create a list to help others come up with team names, if you have any to add to this list feel free to comment and let me know.

Fundraiser Idea Database

This is your one stop place for fundraiser ideas to help raise money for your Great Strides team! If you have any ideas that have worked for you that aren’t on this list comment and let me know! It will continue to grow over time as I discover more.

Himalayan Salt Benefits: Perfect or Fake?

One of the questions I see asked often in the CF community is should we invest in a Salt Lamp, or go to a Salt Cave? Should we use table salt or a different version? Is living at the beach better for CFers? To give you a quick back ground on why Salt related questions […]