SSW – The Kitty & Jack Mysteries, Tale 1

SSW – The Kitty & Jack Mysteries, Tale 1

Once there were two children, a girl named Kitty and a boy named Jack. They solved mysteries.

They found dead fake deer heads in the woods, and elephant tracks too.

Kitty said, “It’s the bad lion. I think he is back in town.”

Jack agreed.

Let’s go away from Kitty and Jack to see what the bad lion is doing.

The bad lion is mixing a cauldron. OH NO! He made a dragon!

Jack and Kitty saw the light in the house. The window was open so Jack and Kitty climbed in.

Kitty yelled “Gotcha Ya!”

The lion turned and growled, “What in the flipping flopping do you want?!”

Kitty hopped down and grabbed the bad lion as he yelled, “Nooooooo!”

Jack killed the dragon and the lion yelled again, “Noooooo!”

Kitty hand cuffed the lion and called the police. The police came super fast, and put the lion in the car to be exterminated.

One of the police said, “What is your last words?”

“Nooooooooooooo!” cried the lion.

Jack and Kitty went home.

The End