SSW – The Cat Witch Mysteries, Tale 3

SSW – The Cat Witch Mysteries, Tale 3

Kitty & the others wanted to have an adventure. They walked outside- BAM -a big cage fell on them all.

A witch jumped down off the cage.

“Who are you?” said Kitty

The witch laugh in cruel way, she had a cruel smile & eyes. But otherwise she looked like any other witch. Her clothes were torn, and ragged.

Four ninja cats jumped out of the bushes, the first ninja cat jumped on the witch, causing the her to fall down. The other three cats helped Kitty & the others escape.

The witch yelled “NOOOOOOOOO!” She was mad at the ninja cats for ruining her plan.

“Who are you?” Kitty asked the Ninja cats.

The first cat said “My name is James, and my team is Lily, White Fang, and Fire Claw. Come to our house, because now this witch knows where you live.”

One Hour Later

“Here is our house, you can sleep here.” said James

“Thank you!” Kitty replied.

The next morning Kitty and the others woke up in a startle. The ninja cats were standing right in front of them. They wore the ninja suits from yesterday. The cats threw ninja suits at Kitty and the others.

“Put this on.” said James

Kitty, the three witch sisters & the hundred cats dressed in their ninja suits. They walked outside to peak and see if the witch was near. She was no where to be seen.

One Hour Later

They arrived at Kitty’s house, and the witch jumped down from the roof.

James jumped on the witch causing her to fall down. She rolled on top of James. The other three ninja cats jumped on the witch. They tussled and rustled.

Kitty and the others got the cage hooked up right above them. “Move out of the way! Hurry!”

The ninja cats got free, but the witch was still stuck. The cage dropped onto the witch and she yelled “NOOOOO!”

They carried the witch to the woods and threw her in there. James and the others looked at Kitty’s house. It was completely destroyed. They rebuilt it to be even better.

They found a sail boat, and fixed it up. They made a hole in the bottom and attached to the top of the house. On top of the sail boat where the steering wheel was, they placed a stick and attached a telescope on it.

Kitty said “This is the best house ever!”

Everyone went inside and checked it out.

One Hour Later

They saw the whole house, and Kitty looked out the window. “GUYS LOOK! The witch is turning into a dragon!!”

Everyone ran to the windows to look. The ninjas could see it from their window. The witch had turned into an orange great big dragon. It breathed fire & flew far far away.

Kitty gulped. “I hope that does come back any time soon, because that thing had 10 heads!”

Everyone had dropped their mouths open, and fell down.

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