SSW – The Cat Witch Mysteries, Tale 2

SSW – The Cat Witch Mysteries, Tale 2

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The cat girl and the three witches loved their last adventure so much they wanted to do another one. They gathered food and put it in a red and white checkered blanket and tied it to a stick.

They left the castle and headed into the wood for their next adventure. On their walk they discovered a wooden house, it was creepy, with lights every where turning on and off. Loud music was coming from the house. They decided to knock on the door and see what the noise was about.


A cat answered the door, the cat said “Meow, hello, would you like to come to our party?”

“What is your party about? And why is it in a wooden house?” said the cat girl.

“Because it’s FUN! We’re trying to make this house explode with FUN!”

“What is at your party?”

“Cake, witches, cats, dancing gingerbread cookies and more cats. Plus fish and finger stew!”


They went into the house, and started dancing. They ate all kinds of stuff too. They kept dancing and having fun, not wanting the party to end. They stayed until midnight! It was too late to go home, their castle was too far away to walk to at night.

The cats told them to sleep over! So they put on a movie about witches and cats and snuggled into sleeping bags. It was so cozy, it felt like home. They ate more cookies, witch stew, and popcorn while they watched the movie.

While they were sleeping a big storm came, it rattle on the unstable house. The house couldn’t handle the rain storm, and the roof caved into the top story. Everyone in the house woke up in a jiffy.

“Oh no! The top story has crashed in! We need to pack and go to our castle immediately!” said the cat girl.

The witches told the cats they could come to their castle, so everyone begin to pack. They grabbed the sleeping bags, and food to make the hour long journey.

Once they arrived at the castle, they started the party back up, excited they were still alive and survived the rain storm.

“That was the funnest adventure that we’ve ever done! Let’s do another one again soon.” said the cat girl.

They got together and took a photo to remember the best day of their life.

“Everyone say MEOW.” said the cat.