A witch turned a girl into a cat. The girl still had a human form, but her body was covered in cat fur. A tail appear above her butt, and her face morphed into that of a cat. The girl was shocked to feel her teeth were now sharp like those of a cat.


The cat girl was walking down the woods, she saw a giant shadow. She was wondering what animal the shadow was. She went closer to it, and she was shaking because she was very scared. She walked closer, and saw it was a deer. She continued her walk down the woods until she saw a little house. She knocked on the door, thinking no one was inside. Someone opened the door, to the little girls surprise, it was a witch. She was scared at first, but once she met the witch she was comfortable. The witch said “Come on in, have some tea with me!” The witch was very nice, the little girl thought she would never meet a nice witch. She thought all the witches were mean.

The little girl asked “Are their any mean witches?”
The witch told her “All witches are mean except for me.”

When the little girl stepped into the light the witch said “woah, oh on! I’m sorry that was probably one of my sisters. She probably turned you into a cat girl.”
“Where are your sisters?” said the little girl
“My sisters are very far away, they are not nice. why do you ask?” said the witch
“I want to meet the sisters.”
“Sure, you can meet them, but they are very mean. That’s why I am in this cabin. We all fight a lot. I have two sisters. The oldest sister is very mean, she lives in a hollow castle made of wood. It is very tall. The middle sister is kind of nice some times, but she is very allergic to humans. So it’s good you are a cat girl. She lives in a medium house, it’s almost as big as my house.”
“Thanks for telling me, can you help me get to your sisters?”
“My sisters don’t like me, but sure, for you. But beware, my sister are very grumpy.”
“Let’s get started!” said the girl
“Wait! Remember I said my sisters are very far away. We should pack some water and food.”
“We should also get some sleep.” said the witch.


“Oh, it’s morning already? Should we get started now?” the girl said sleepily
“Yes, it’s time to do this adventure.” the witch responded also still sleepy

They left on their adventure.

*** A Few Hours Later***

“It’s getting darker and darker.” said the girl
“We are almost to my middle sisters house.” said the witch

They arrived at the house.

“Ok, wait. I need to hide before you knock on the door.” said the witch
“Hello, who is it?” says the middle witch
“Hi, I came to visit you.” said the little girl
The youngest witch jumped out of the bushes and said “Hi I brought you a surprise!”
“I thought I told you not to bring me kids!” the middle witch said.
“I told her to bring me.” said the girl
“I guess you can come in my house.” said the middle witch

The two witches went into the house to have milk and cookies. After they finished the milk and cookies the middle witch noticed it wasn’t dark yet. She suggested that they should watch a movie. They decided on The Witch Stories.

The two sisters became friends again thanks to the little girl suggesting the visit.



“I will help you find the oldest sister, don’t leave yet and I will gather my stuff.” said the middle witch.

They left on their next adventure. After a few hours they arrived at the meanest witches castle. The two witches hid in the bushes while the little girl knocked on the door.

“HELLO! WHO IS IT? Oh hello little girl, why are you a kitten?” the oldest witch said.
“Someone turned me into a cat girl.” said the girl
SURPRISE IT’S US! shouted the two sisters
“Oh ok, come into my castle and explain this to me.” said the oldest witch

They went into the castle and ate some chocolate chip muffins while the sisters explained their story.

The sisters explained they all needed to be together so they could turn the cat girl back into a little girl and have a party.

“If we change you back into a girl, you have to be a witch.” said the oldest witch “I’m not using my magic to turn you back into just a little girl.”
“The little girl just needs some witch stuff.” said the youngest witch “Do you know where we can get some?”

They handed her a cape, a wand, and a hat.

“I don’t want to be a little girl, I want to be a witch cat.” said the little girl
“ok you can be a witch with us, but you can also be a kitten, or witch cat.” the sisters said in unison.

They all lived together in the oldest sisters castle. They had a ton of fun, all because of the adventures they had together.