We received our first positive culture for Pseudomonas, it felt surreal having dreaded that culture for 5 years now. Part of me feels like I should go cleaning crazy around our house and replace everything, but I know logically that it is every where and it was only a matter of time.You can read more about Pseudomonas, and how it affect CF patients here, it isn’t something that will usually display symptoms that you can see. It attacks from the inside weakening the immune system.

I’ve taken to a CF group I am in on Facebook and the internet to find anything that I can do to help Little Miss defeat this bacteria, and hopefully prevent it in the future. I want to share what I’ve found with you, in case it might be helpful.

We’ve been put on Ciprofloxacin for two weeks and 28 days on/off cycles of Tobramycin until we receive a clear culture.

Was there anything else that you did once Pseudomonas was cultured to help eradicate it? I’d love to hear stories on it, and if you have any other useful links I will gladly add them to my list above.