I can’t believe I am just now discovering Overnight Oats. This has been a life saving breakfast in our household. It has the added benefit of being calorie packed too! I can make it the night before and Little Miss Khaos can wake up in the morning, get it out of the fridge and eat breakfast without having to ask for help. I usually make two jars at once because they will hold up in the fridge for the second night.

There are so many recipes out there, so definitely check out pinterest. Here is what we do.


Calorie Count: 340 per Jar!

add ingredients to a PINT sized Mason Jar in the order listed (milk last) then shake and refrigerate overnight.


You can really increase the calories inside these jars with changing a few items, substitute the Brown Sugar and PPS above for one of the following ideas:

Let me know what your favorite spin on this classic recipe is!