There was this documentary made about a girls journey through her lung transplant due to CF. I was hoping for a documentary that I could show to my family so they could see what living with CF was like. This disease is very hard to explain to someone. Meesha looks perfectly healthily, how could all of these things be wrong with her.

I was very disappointed in the documentary, if someone who doesn’t know anything about CF they would probably get from the film that eventually someone with CF would need a lung transplant. But CF is so much more that that. It is a life time of pills before meals, breathing treatments, chest treatment, weight gain etc.

The film focused on her friends one who was neglecting her treatments, and then her lung transplant. It was defiantly not something that I would show to my family as it didn’t go into anything they would understand.

I defiantly related to the film, and it made me very emotional to watch, the worst part was when they were doing the lung transplant they showed the mucus build up in her lungs. It was ew and heartbreaking at the same time. It made me wonder what Meeshas lungs look like now.

All in all it was a good documentary but I wouldn’t recommend it if you were wanting to help someone understand what CF is. If you’ve seen it what are your thoughts on the movie?

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