Meet Theodora!

Meet Theodora!

(Typed by Little Miss Khaos herself)

For my birthday I received Theodora. She likes birthdays, I am introducing her because I like her. She is very beautiful, she likes dancing and singing. Theodora’s birthday is on December 26th, 3 days before mine. Theodora can talk, but you have to pretend. Theodora likes to play with ducks and she does it all day. Theodora wants to see a toad. She also wants to meet Sirius the dog. She wants to play games like the My Little Pony game on the pad. We are going to have a lot of fun together and we will be Best Friends Forever!my doll wants to learn how to paint.

<3 Little Miss Khaos



She received the American Girl catalog in the mail this fall and has been cutting out everything that she wants from it. I was so glad to discover that Target sells a line of 18″ dolls that are great quality. Our Generation is the name of the line, we searched their website and found a doll that favored Little Misses appearance but of course with it being Christmas everything was sold out. Thankfully Target and was able to find us the exact doll we were hoping for! Last one in the back they had, so it was a huge win! She has been in love with jewelry making because of my jewelry making, so this girl was perfect!

<3 Mommy

Audra Doll