Originally Written: 9/18/13

Updated: 1/12/17

From the moment we found Little Miss had Cystic Fibrosis I knew I was going to need a go to spot to put everything she needs to keep track of all the paperwork and doctor visits! Now that we are on a 3 month clinic visit cycle I am even more glad that I started this because it has been so handy. And I am always adding more forms and ideas to help keep us organized. I wanted to share it with all over you in hopes that it would help organized your life! I know dealing with CF is already a headache, but if your stuff is organized it’s one less thing to worry about! I am also providing the links so you can download the PDFs, in the near future I will make them fill out forms! You’re very welcome! I love giving free stuff that I know will help someone else out! If you ever want anything changed, add, have an idea for a new form just let me know!

At the end of each year I pull out the previous years paperwork to bind and file it for future reference. This helps keep the binder current and not over flowing.

3/22/17 – I have now created a Google Doc file and shared it with the important people in our life. I realized that I am the main person that does her treatments and all so if something were to happen to me everyone would be lost as far as treatments go. In this Doc file I have it explained as basic and step by step as I can on how to do her treatments, and how to clean, and the settings. I also have added photos of how to put neb cups together, vest settings, etc. I love Google Doc because I can share the link, and update the Doc as needed.

Here are my Binder tabs in Order. Also, I use pocket dividers so I can store stuff that I don’t either want holes in or is too small for holes.

Quick Reference – This has allĀ  that I need to look at often like phone numbers or something that I’d prefer not to be digging through a binder to find. I keep them all in the page protector forms so they are easily accessible. The section has the forms Medical Binder For and Important Contacts in it, plus a business card holding page.

<3 These are plain white and black forms and the current ones I use <3


Medical Binder Forms 1/16/17 (Basic forms listed below plus calendar, task sheet, planner pages)

Rainbow Forms: Created 9/18/13


  1. Medical Binder For – Title Page
  2. Important Contacts – Doctors / Nurses / Nutritionist / Any important numbers
  3. Pharmacy Information – Pharmacy contact info, prescription info
  4. Medicine Schedule
  5. Growth Chart
  6. Illness Tracker
  7. Table of Contents

<3 Finally the last thing that I have is a journal that I take to every appointment. I had thought about creating a form to add to the binder for this but I like the fact that a journal can fit in my purse. I write down everything we discussed, and any questions i have before I get to the appointment so I don’t forget anything. I also log any illness in this book too. So when i am at the doctor I can look back and see what happened in the past 3 months.

Extra Forms for the Medical Binder: Created 9/18/13

  1. Day in the Life of – The week before her appointment I know they are going to ask about her eating habits, her bowel movements etc, so I like to be prepared to answer this because I have a horrible memory and hate being put on the spot. So i just do tally marks for pottying, write down enzyme count with each food and log liquid ounces. I also keep track of sleep because some times we talk about that too. It has been a lifeĀ  savor!
  2. Bubble Cover Page
  3. Rainbow Letters Cover Page
  4. Weekly Calendar Pages
  5. Monthly Calendar Page


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