Great Strides 2013

Great Strides 2013

Our Great Strides experience for 2013 has been awesome! We turned For The Love of Khaos into a National Team!!! We now have teams in Naperville Illinois, Odessa & Austin Texas, Maine and Kentucky! Hopefully next year we will get a few more teams on board! I can’t even begin to express how excited and supported it makes me feel to know there are people we haven’t even met yet willing to rally awareness for our cause! Mainly I am talking about a great group of women in a support group for babies born in December 2011. One of the reasons this years experience has been so much better, is because of these ladies. They have shown me that it’s ok to need support, and it’s ok to expect it out of friends and family.

Our walk was on May 18th at Concordia University, we arrived there around 9am. This year our team was made up of myself, my mom and Kittys future in laws. 😉 (Meg & John and Branson) Last year I told myself I was not going to be up at midnight making shirts but sure enough I was up at midnight making shirts!!! I’m telling you right now next year I will not be making shirts at midnight the night before the walk!!

The walk this year was way better than our walk at the zoo last year! It was so much more organized and felt more relaxed. We will definitely be participating at this location again in the future. They had games for the kids, tons of giveaways and a great lunch. Going to these events can be emotional but they also provide me with hope for the future!

If you would like to donate we are still raising money! And we have also signed up for the walk in Odessa in October!