This is your one stop place for fundraiser ideas to help raise money for your Great Strides team! If you have any ideas that have worked for you that aren’t on this list comment and let me know! It will continue to grow over time as I discover more.

Work with your local CFF Chapter to help set up the fundraisers. They will also be able to provide you with official letters for donations so the businesses involved can right the donation off.

Don’t forget to check out our post on CF related Sayings and Team Name Generator to help with shirt working and more!

  1. Dollar Jeans Day – Work or School. People pay $1 to wear jeans on a specific day.
    1. Dollar Crazy Sock Day
    2. Dollar Hat Day
    3. Dollar Pajama Day
    4. Prime Parking Spot Raffle
  2. Class Room collects change, room that collects the most change wins a pizza party, all change collected goes to team.
  3. Photo Shoot – Team up with a local photographer, who will offer a themed photo shoot for donation or set amount, and all collected goes to the team.
  4. Free Throw Challenge – Shoot 10 Free Throws, donate a dollar for each missed basket.
  5. Team Shirts through – They have other products as well.
  6. Online Auction – Request donations from businesses / Etsy / Friends. Then set up a photo album on Facebook for people to place bids. Request winners pay for shipping if needed.
  7. Restaurant/Retail Fundraiser – Many chain businesses will do fundraisers where so much money from sales will be donated.
    1. Chili’s
    2. Chipotle
    3. Five Below
    4. Panera
    5. Chick-fil-a
    6. Yankee Candle
  8. Direct Sales party – Many Sellers will donate their commission to your team, or donate the Host Gifts to your Auction.
  9. Paint Night – Many local paint and sip or pallet paint places will sponsor a night where the proceeds go to your team.
  10. Bar Night – Work with a local bar, who will allow Donation Jars on a specific night, they may also allow you to rename one drink on their menu and donate the sales from that drink to your cause for the night.
  11. Direct Sales Party-o-thon – Find a rep willing to donate and % of sales or commission for each direct sales company you can. Host a multi rep party so there are many options for your guests to buy from.
  12. Food Plate for Donation – Find a local restaurant or good cook in your family and sell plates on a specific date (BBQ, Taco etc) you can also pair this with a silent auction.
  13. Purchase Rubber Bracelets in bulk to sell to family and friends. is a great site to use.
  14. Bake Sale
  15. Rent a hall (or see if the owner will donate the hall use, they can write it off!) Provide Face Painting, Fun & Games for kids, Bounce House, Clown/Characters, Food and an Auction. Charge an admission or flat price for each activity.
  16. Sell the Yeti (or cheaper similar version cups) and team up with a local printer to print a CF awareness phrase on them.
  17. Small Businesses – Reach out to small businesses to see if they will donate a portion of sales for a day or sponsor your team for a small donation. You can advertise them on the back of your shirt, on your team banner or just on all of your social media pages.
  18. Pool Party – Work with your local community pool to see if they will donate a day where you can charge admission to the pool and proceeds go to your team. You can also tie in a silent auction and food sales.
  19. Community Yard Sale – Collect donations from family and friends and host a large sale where all proceeds go to your team. You can also do food sales and auction for valuable items. Post in your local FB Yard Sale sites for donations as well.
  20. Food Truck Party – If your local town has a plethora of food trucks see if they would be willing to gather at a communal spot (baseball diamonds or parks, check for need of permit) and donate a portion of sales to your team.
  21. Host a Concert – Find a local venue that will donate the space, or check out your local park. You can usually find local artists that are willing to donate their time to play for your event. At times bars will be willing to get the permits needed to provide the event with alcohol as well. Charge a flat fee, plus food and beverage sales.
  22. Bingo – Work with your local Bingo Hall, or rent / ask for it donated a hall to set up a bingo game. Food and auction work well with this!
  23. Movie Night – work with the local theater or a vendor that will donate the inflatable screen. sell popcorn, raffle tickets for goodies and an auction to bring in more money.
  24. Online or Local Raffle – Ask businesses to donate Gift Cards or items to create baskets to be raffled.
  25. Photo with Characters – Work with a local photographer to create a photo shoot with a character. Santa, Easter bunny, etc. Charge a flat rate or just have a donation jar set up.
  26. Haunted House – Many times retail spaces that have empty slots will donate the space to be set up as a haunted house. Charge a fee to go straight to your team.
  27. Parents Night Out – See if a local bounce gym or hall will donate their space, and find friends that will donate their time to provide the community with child care so the parents can go out for the night. Flat fee to go to your team for each child/family.
  28. Car Wash – There are large business, I believe Walmart is one, that will allow you to use their parking lot for a car wash. You can rent (or ask it be donated) a water tank as well in most cases. All cars pay $5 that gets donated to your team.
  29. Holiday Gift Wrapping – Rent a Hall or use a community space to set up a Gift Wrap station. In list your best wrapping friends to wrap gifts for a small fee. Have Shirt boxes on hand for those in need at an additional cost.
  30. Craft Fair – Rent out a hall (or have it donated) and get local crafters / small businesses / direct sales reps to purchase a booth.