***WE DID IT! The posts have been removed!! Yesterday, someone told me that these movie companies are just in it for money, and that’s just how the industry is. While that is true, we, the buyers, have the control. If you say nothing, then you are saying it’s okay for them to advertise in this manner. For me, it’s’ not okay for anyone to disrespect a community, and profit off it. Always stand up for what’s right, not what is “how it’s always been”. You can make a difference!***

Not only did these posts get removed, but the advertising money ended up in the hands of people with Cystic Fibrosis, how amazing is that! If you see these posts in the wild, please go comment on them! Let the community know, this is how you advertise for a movie about an illness!

Here are a few I found:

Original Post

The “influencer” community has brought a new way to advertise to many marketers. You pay someone with an audience, and they will write a sponsored post to their fans, promoting your product. By them putting their name behind it, it will encourage their fans to use it, fall in love with it also, and spread the word for free. Win, win, right?

While I have been a huge support of this movie, and book (you can see my review here), the way they’ve chosen to advertise it has me wanting to scream.

In most cases, yes. However, the people behind marketing Five Feet Apart have left the CF Community feeling sick from their tone deaf ad campaign.

Influencers across Instagram released these sponsored posts recently, attempting to compare a long distance relationship they have with the bond formed in people with Cystic Fibrosis. While these influencers are only doing a job, and more than likely don’t realize how ignorant these posts are, shame on the marketers for putting this idea out there.

Not being able to hug someone literally ever due to the fear that you may cross contaminate and kill them will never compare to not being able to hug your cousin because they live in a different state.

Find these posts, call them out, don’t let Five Feet Apart get away with this insensitive advertising. There are plenty people with living with CF that could have been tapped to share their story with their real life CF best friend.

If you see these posts in the wild, I urge you to comment and spread the correct message. Inform the poster how insensitive these ads are, and tell them your story with CF.

We know the true heartbreaking life of witnessing our CF fighters not being able to hug their CF friends. We need to stand up against those that are profiting off of the life struggles of others. If you want to learn more about fostering the discussion happening around Five Feet Apart check out this guide the CFF posted!

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  1. I would give my life to hug my son for just 1 second he passed away with Cystic Fibrosis. Being seperated by distance and being seperated due to cross contamination or this horrible disease are totally different.

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