I personally do not have experience in having a child that is blocked up, but I wanted to compile all the advice from the pros in one post in hopes to help someone else. Comment with any more you’d like to add and I’ll add them to the list. From what I’ve read you can attack it from both ends, anything you intake through your mouth will be fighting the top of the blockage, while suppositories will be fighting the bottom of the blockage. Always ask your doctor, these are just suggestions, but seek a professional opinion if it’s consistent, there could be more going on to cause it.

  1. Prune Juice – 2 Glasses usually gets things moving
  2. Clockwise Belly Rubs
  3. Lots of Fruit
  4. Increase Liquids
  5. Enulose syrup
  6. Magnesium supplements can work wonders for the bowels–There‚Äôs brand specifically for children called “Kid’s Calm”
  7. A big spoon of honey in milk
  8. Flax seed is good supplement for GI tracts
  9. Pedialax
  10. Apple Juice
  11. Aloe Vera Juice
  12. Coconut Oil
  13. Suppository
  14. R.W. Knudsen Just Black Cherry Juice