Clinic Visit: 12.7.17

Height: 43.38 inches!!

Weight: 41.4 lbs!!

For clinic visits this was a pretty fast and good visit. Little Miss had her largest growth spurt that I can recall between visits. Her culture results from last visit were normal for her, and her lungs sounded good.

We added Hyper-tonic Saline to her daily routine, she has started it this week and HATES it, but it is nebulizing salt water so it’s understandable.

She was grateful this wasn’t a blood draw visit, and received a prize from Amber’s Angels for doing her throat swab without complaint. If you are looking for an organization to donate to this holiday season, please check out Amber’s Angels Amazon Wish List. It was founded by a women who has now passed from Cystic Fibrosis and is continued by her Mother. They do a lot for our local hospital and the CF Clinic in our area.

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