Little Miss is now 10 1/2 months old, she has hit almost all milestones ahead of schedule which has been so awesome to watch! Lately I’ve noticed that she has been trying to learn more advanced skills so I’ve decided that we are going to start with 30 minutes a day Monday – Friday working on item placement then we’ll see where we go. I have a few good toys set aside for these tasks.

1. Leap Frog Fridge Phonics – I love this line. We have a few of them I found on Craigslist for cheap and Little Miss loves them. She plays with them while we are making dinner mostly and the buttons are easy to push/operate. This one tells you the letter and the sounds it makes but thy have others that will create words and ones that have animals you have to put together. Little Miss now recognizes the ABC song and will dance along with it mimicking the sound of it.

2. Shape sorter – this one was given to us, and Little Miss has been playing with it since she was about 6 months old. She now is able to remove and place back in the shapes and has shown interest in trying to put them through the holes. I don’t recommend this particular one as it wasn’t built very wisely. It is impossible to put the bottom block inside once there are a few blocks inside it already. Also if you tip it on its side as to place said bottom shapes, the lid falls off. I plan on buying picture frame slide clasps so it will shut when needed. Also the colors are chipping off with wear and tear.

3. Wooden shape puzzle – we got this one off of zulily it is from EDUCO naturally fun. She loves this toy, this shapes are a great size and sturdy. The paint has held up great so far. She has been playing with this one since she was about 8 months old.

4. Two little bowls and beans with a spoon. This is stuff we had laying around the house. I chose this spoon because it is a deep set spoon so I figure it will be better for scooping. This one will be good for teaching spoon use and moving from one dish to another.

I will update on how this goes this week and since I’m posting from my phone I will update this entry with links when I get to a computer. 🙂