SSW – The Old Man & the Dragon Fruit

Once upon a time there was an old man that lived in the desert. He didn’t have any water & he was thirsty. He zoomed to HEB & bought some. When he got home he saw a cactus & thought it was a dragon fruit. He picked it up and was poked by the cactus. […]

SSW – Volcanoes

Once upon a time there was a person, and it was a sunny day. The person was going to buy a swimming pool but realized he didn’t have any money. The person found the sea and decided to swim. He jumped in the water. The water shook 3 times, and then exploded with lava. The […]

Happy New Year – 2016

Here is Kitty’s 2016 Year in Review sheet. It’s cool to compare it to last years review. We’ve had so many great changes and adventures, hopefully 2017 will bring us many more great days. You can get this printable here.