Clinic Visit: 12.7.17

Height: 43.38 inches!! Weight: 41.4 lbs!! For clinic visits this was a pretty fast and good visit. Little Miss had her largest growth spurt that I can recall between visits. Her culture results from last visit were normal for her, and her lungs sounded good. We added Hyper-tonic Saline to her daily routine, she has […]

Clinic Visit 6.1.17

Height – 3ft 5in Weight – 37 lbs Everything at this appointment was great. Her lungs sounded clear and they were happy with her weight gain. She had her annual blood draw and x-ray which both came back great. Since there was no new progression on her xrays from the previous year the nurse said […]

Clinic Visit 3.2.17

  Weight: 36.4 lbs. Height: 41.14 ins. Arrival Time: 12:45pm ~ Departure Time: 3:10pm We did practice PFT’s again, her numbers improved but she still needs practice blowing out all her air as fast as possible. She cultured sensitive staph again, but no treatment required. Her lungs sound clear, and she looks great Dietitian Visit […]

Clinic Visit 12/1/16

  Arrival: 12:50 pm, Departure: 4:00 pm Weight: 34.8 lbs Height: 40.2 Ins <3 Today we had a great appointment, and lots of new staff to meet. She did the Lung Function test again, and she is getting better at it each time. She is still in practice stage, and her numbers won’t count until […]