What’s in a Mask?

Last week the CF Foundation released a statements to all clinics letting everyone know their official stance on a popular mask. The Vogmask. Many were left confused and annoyed because these adorable masks have made getting the angstiest of children to wear them with ease.

Himalayan Salt Benefits: Perfect or Fake?

One of the questions I see asked often in the CF community is should we invest in a Salt Lamp, or go to a Salt Cave? Should we use table salt or a different version? Is living at the beach better for CFers? To give you a quick back ground on why Salt related questions […]

Positive Pseudomonas Culture

We received our first positive culture for Pseudomonas, it felt surreal having dreaded that culture for 5 years now. Part of me feels like I should go cleaning crazy around our house and replace everything, but I know logically that it is every where and it was only a matter of time.You can read more […]

Overnight Oats: High Calorie Breakfast

I can’t believe I am just now discovering Overnight Oats. This has been a life saving breakfast in our household. It has the added benefit of being calorie packed too! I can make it the night before and Little Miss Khaos can wake up in the morning, get it out of the fridge and eat […]

Writing the Perfect 504 Plan

I know we homeschool but I wanted to create a post that had all the information I could find on creating a perfect 504 plan for you and your children. If you have other examples or links that you found helpful in writing yours please leave them in the comments and I will add them […]

Staying Hydrated, For the whole Family!

We live in Texas, so it’s the high 90’s and low 100’s all summer. I have mentioned before that our daughter has Cystic Fibrosis and a big part of this disease is hydration. Due to the inter-workings of the mutated genes of CF she sweats and loses salt faster than someone without CF. This means […]

What’s in your Candle or Tart?

Growing up I never considered what my candle or tart was made of, I felt reassured that it was safe for my home by being sold by companies I trusted. Unfortunately, I was wrong, even being sold as a safe product, the wax in many candles and tarts are more toxic then the companies would […]