Clinic Visit: 12.7.17

Height: 43.38 inches!! Weight: 41.4 lbs!! For clinic visits this was a pretty fast and good visit. Little Miss had her largest growth spurt that I can recall between visits. Her culture results from last visit were normal for her, and her lungs sounded good. We added Hyper-tonic Saline to her daily routine, she has […]

A possible discovery as to why some live longer than others!

Just wanted to share this cool study I read this evening, scientific advancements in gene discovery is so cool! Sequencing the genes of these five Boston Children’s patients — a cohort known as “long-term non-progressors”— the researchers found a set of rare and never-before-discovered genetic variants that might help explain their longevity and stable lung […]

Clinic Visit 6.1.17

Height – 3ft 5in Weight – 37 lbs Everything at this appointment was great. Her lungs sounded clear and they were happy with her weight gain. She had her annual blood draw and x-ray which both came back great. Since there was no new progression on her xrays from the previous year the nurse said […]

Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Facts

Here is a list of Cystic Fibrosis Facts that you can use in raising awareness. I will continue to add facts as I discover more, if you have any suggestions feel free to comment below and I will add it! You can see the facts below in a sharable format on our Facebook page.

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