With our walk upon us (April 6) we realize this year we’ve dropped the ball on fundraising! It’s so crazy how fast this year is already going by! While Kitty had a few things planned, we didn’t have the time to put them into motion. But you might see them happen later in the year!

We have a hefty goal of $3000 this year, and we’ve already raised $200!
(5-18-19 Update: we’ve raised $2,135!!) Our walk had a goal of $35,000, and we are currently sitting at $33,601.15! Only $1,399 more to go to hit our walk goal!

We’d appreciate it greatly if you’d visit our donation page, and share it with your friends! Feel free to state “going” to our Facebook event so you can help share and spread awareness!

With this being our 8th walk, it is surreal to think of all the people that have helped us along the way. I wish I could thank each of you personally. If you stay up to date on CF related news you’ll know that in these past 8 years, Vertex has released 3 life changing drugs, (kalydeco, orkambi, & symdeko) PLUS 2 more are in the trial phase. None of these drugs would have been possible without donations like yours.

When we do Great Strides each year, we do it for more than Kitty. We haven’t had a hospital stay yet, our treatments are only about 40 minutes a day, and she is only taking enzymes plus the 3 basic nebulized meds. This is very minimal compared to the average CF patients requirements. This fight is bigger than our battle with this terminal disease.

We walk for the CF patients that are in the hospital many times throughout each year, for months at a time some stays.

We walk for the CF patients that spend 2 hours + each day doing treatments. With up to 4+ nebulized medications.

We walk for the CF patients that take more medications than anyone should have to just to stay on track.

We walk for the CF patients that are currently waiting in for new Lungs just so they can breathe easy again.

We walk for the CF patients that have had their lung or organ transplants and are doing everything they can to not have rejection and other complications that can happen.

We walk for the CF patients that have to be on oxygen, and have trouble breathing after walking from the car to the house.

We walk for the CF patients that get judged for looking perfectly healthy event though their body is fighting a battle on the inside.

We walk for the CF families & friends that have lost their CF Friend / Sibling / Child / Parent far too soon!

We walk for the babies that have already had major surgeries due to CF related issues.

We walk for every CF patient that has to spend 4+ hours in a day at Clinic appointments.

We walk for every CF patient that struggles to maintain / gain weight, many having to get gtubes.

We walk because the CF Community needs every person to help spread awareness. Many don’t even know they are a carrier until they have a child that test positive. A cure will come with research and medical advancements.

We are forever thankful for those that walk with us, share our posts and help spread our message whether you can donate or not.